Halo 2 or bigger friends list?

Apparently the REAL reason we cannot have larger friends list is that it would break Xbox Live play for Halo 2 (and other less played Xbox games). Patrick Klepek from G4 says:

The continued community support behind Halo 2 is the only reason Microsoft hasn’t ditched the lingering ancient Xbox Live architecture, a high-level Microsoft source confirmed to me late last week.

The source also says that a patch is not possible, or else they would have done it long ago. So when to move on and leave Halo 2 in the dust? That decision may be in the hands of gamers. If online play of Halo 2 continues at the level it is now, especially after the release of ODST, Microsoft may have no choice but to keep Live functioning for Halo 2. However, if it drops off, that may be the opening they need to go ahead with the bigger friends lists. So what is your priority? Is the fact we will soon have a Midship version in Halo 3 a deciding factor for you?

You are encouraged to let your voice be heard at the G4 article and in the Xbox Live forums.

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9 Responses to Halo 2 or bigger friends list?

  1. SliderCleo says:

    So wait…does that mean all original xbox titles would lose their online features as well? I never play Halo 2 multiplayer, but I am concerned about the broader implications of shutting down original xbox support.

  2. Arbitation says:

    Meh… I’ve never been worried about small friends lists, I’ve never filled it as I usually clean it out regularly. I say keep Live for original xbox for as long as they want…


  3. Funnyboy78 says:

    Ending xbox live on halo2 is a horrible idea. Halo2 is still the most played game on the black beast we know as the xbox. Killing live on halo2 is killing alot of peoples love for gaming. If Microsoft chooses to kill off halo2, then some versions of the xbox360 should get a price drop as well, so the people who can’t offord the 360 might have a chance at getting one

  4. PoopinaBasket says:

    Why cant we just have clans on xbox live already? That would make it all better for me.

  5. White Lite_1 says:

    Why would expanding the friends list disable live for original xbox games?

  6. ChuckieJ says:

    #WhiteLite They are hard coded in some way to expect 100 friends. I don’t understand the details, all we know is what is in the G4 article.

  7. Dust Storm says:

    There is a thing called patching.

  8. ChuckieJ says:

    The source claims it is not possible to fix it, Dusty.

  9. razza 119 says:

    i agree with poop
    and bigger friends list

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