First Look at Hammer Storm, February’s Content Update


Besides Forge, one of the most requested features for Halo 5: Guardians has been the addition of more game modes adding to the current four in the game.  With the aptly named Hammer Storm content update for February, we will receive three new game modes including Assault, Grifball and Fiesta Slayer.  Thanks to some clever custom game options, the “ball” mode, which was detailed in last week’s community update, other game modes including Oddball and Ricochet can be created for custom games.


In addition to the new game modes, a new arena map named Torque is slated for release.  The concept art (pictured at the beginning of this post) shows us a space station with few additional teases in the remaining update assets from the Waypoint post.  Also back by popular demand, full color pallets will replace the color harmonies that currently exist for Spartan customization.  This applies to armor and emblem colors expanding from the existing 32 colors with pre-configured themes to 60 colors that are fully mix-and-match compatible.


Forty-eight new REQs also make their appearance including the Gravity Hammer, Grifball emblem, Hammer Time stance, armor sets and more.  The February live stream is happening February 26th at 3PM PST over on


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