Fight Like a Girl and get some Extra Life THIS WEEKEND

Two major fundraising events are going on this weekend and we hope you are participating by either playing or donating!

One is Extra Life which is a 24-hour gaming marathon starting 8AM Saturday in your time zone and ending 8AM Sunday. You can make up time if you can’t quite complete the whole thing. Extra Life is the brainchild of Doc from Sarcastic Gamer and supports the Texas Children’s Hospital’s cancer research. If you sign up you have to gather per-hour donors so at this point it may be best to donate to someone else’s account and play with them (don’t leave your friends who are doing this lonely!) Use this thread to organize your Podtacular friends!

Also, Fight Like a Girl (FLAG) is a Halo 3 tournament on Saturday and Sunday. The registration fees go to support breast cancer research, specifically the Susan G. Komen Foundation and the National Cervical Cancer Coalition (NCCC). Hopefully you remember “Zoom” aka Tasha who guest hosted on Episode 181. She and “The DonWan” aka Kari from The CaveGirls have organized this event. Registrations are now closed for everything except the “Play with Bungie” event so get in fast or just donate!

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