Discover Destiny

Discover Destiny
Bungie has popped the lid on their latest franchise which began earlier this week when a mysterious post on the Bungie forums lead fans to a mysterious subdomain on Bnet: Over the week, fans unlocked secret images based on the concentration of visitors to the site. Everyone’s effort has lead to the revelation of all seven images and their passages contained therein. Bungie has made these images available along with a snippet of audio from the soundtrack and a desktop background (link). Now a week after the events of their alternate reality game, Bungie has released their first ViDoc, Pathways Out of Darkness introducing us to the story of humanity’s downfall after the Golden Age and the Traveler who came to protect humanity. Concept art, per-orders, links and more are available at

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  1. Greg Lewis says:

    I think that Destinys story is what taking after humanity in the halo universe the first time they came into contact with the flood. Just seems to be too many similarities even though we did not learn much about those instances until after 343i took the reins. I just get the odd feeling about how the librarian tried to help humanity during the first flood encounter every time I see the traveler.

    The game play seem kinda similar to what we’ve seen in Spartan Ops as well. Expect there won’t be “episodes.”

    Anyway, color me excite.

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