Community Evolved Available for Purchase


In 2001, the Halo community celebrated a decade of Halo at Halo Fest.  In response to that celebration, the folks over at Forward Unto Dawn took it upon themselves to shine a light on the communities that helped Halo thrive during that first decade.  The culmination of their interviews and exploration of these communities amounted to the publication of Community Evolved.  This book covers different community groups, creations and activities ranging across the spectrum of fan fiction, machinima, clans, traditional and untraditional art, mods, Forge, competitive, and more.  This book was originally only available through their Kickstarter campaign, which we highlighted an our podcast in the distant past.  Today, Forward Unto Dawn announced that the book is now available through  This hardcover copy comes in 188 pages of black and white highlights of the community’s first decade in support of Halo.  The book costs $28, which is strictly limited to the cost of producing the book since it’s not an official Halo publication.  Despite the fact, this is one book every Halo fan involved in some aspect of the Halo community should not pass up on purchasing.

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