Bloodline is Probably the Best Halo Map Ever

H2A-BloodlineEvery Halo fan has fond memories of that one map they fall in love with.  For those who have been there since the beginning, Blood Gulch is likely the one map that defined Halo’s multiplayer.  Bloodline takes the best of every iteration before it and makes one of the best multiplayer maps incorporating a couple of new things as well.  There are new structures that help players grab cover in traditionally wide open spaces including bridges and a central small base.  The Hornet is playable replacing the Banshee in the default configuration.  The last big change, the interactive element of Bloodline, is an EMP, that is triggered at the top of each based and temporarily disabled all nearby vehicles.  In the IGN First walkthrough with Max Hoberman, we also get a short ride on the much anticipated Gungoose, the new Speed Boost powerup, and the Silenced SMG, which is dual-wieldable.

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