April Fools Joke Becomes Reailty in Halo Chess

Last year on April Fools Day, Bungie teased that Halo: Reach would be all about chess and going back to roots of strategic gameplay. It was a great tease and people were actually a little sad that the game type wasn’t included in the game. Well guess again, because a year later, this April Fools has become reality and Bungie has released the gametype that will let you play chess in Halo: Reach. Achievement Hunter teased this feature in their latest Fails of the Weak and now have a “How To” video detailing how you can set up Halo to play chess.

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2 Responses to April Fools Joke Becomes Reailty in Halo Chess

  1. Carts says:

    Ya I saw this and got it in my files

  2. kikoroo says:

    Yeah, I has this! It’s too fun!

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