A Different Kind of League With Rockets


After the recent announcement of Halo partnering with Killer Instinct to bring the Arbiter to Killer Instinct Season 3, Halo invades yet another franchise that just released for Xbox One: Rocket League.  This soccer-meets-driving, sports-action hybrid has been a major hit on the Windows 10 platform and through the ID@Xbox program, co-publisher Panic Button Games has brought this game to Xbox one to include all previously released DLC and two exclusive vehicles: The Armadillo from Gears of War and the HotSticker from Halo.  In the latest issue of Canon Fodder, GrimBrother One gives us a little background from the racing sports league of the future on how this Warthog with Needler thrusters came to be.  There’s lots of other customization exclusive to the Xbox One platform of the game, which you can find out about over on Xbox Wire.  Sadly, both battle-cars aren’t available at first, but it won’t take long for you to quickly unlock these beauties thanks to the folks over at Xbox On from Xbox UK.  You can pick up Rocket League right now from the Xbox Marketplace for 19.99USD.

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