MLG Dallas 2012 Fall Championships: Day 2

The tournament has officially begun as day 2 of the MLG Dallas 2012 Fall Championships brings over 200 teams to fight for the title of best Halo 4 team.  Everyone is in to make their shot for the $20,000 grand prize.

Old time favorites like Instinct and Status Quo are taking on newer teams like Severance and The Fun Police.  We saw a similar thing happen when Halo: Reach hit the circuit where fresh new talent put up a good fight against the old standing champs.  No doubt there are teams of old that will make their way to the top again, and new teams will hopefully grace us with their presence at the top as well.

We mentioned yesterday that there have been teams that have had a lot of time with the game leading up to this event and some that have just touched the game for the first time Friday. That hasn’t been enough to prevent other teams from picking up on the tricks of the pros like hiding spots and jump cuts. The introduction of personal ordinance was originally anticipated to have a major impact on how the game would flow, but it has not seemed to adversely affect the players and is actually making for more impressive plays and a more active game.

Remember to check out the broadcast schedule and the gametypes and settings going into today’s finals. Again, follow us on twitter for the latest updates from the floor as well as @MLG, @BravoMLG, @u4ixxx and @MLGPuckett.

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