MLG 2010 Dallas Championships

I’m attending MLG Dallas right now and with fewer people than intended. Greg had to back out because of family issues and Brent moved back to North-West Texas. AceofSpadesCard from Cyberline films is here with me to help cover the event. He have two interviews lined up for this afternoon and we will 90% surely be doing a live show tonight on Ustream (reference earlier tweet). Some photo’s will be uploaded later today.

We also got to play some Killzone 3 Alpha stuff, which is making me more influenced to eventually buy a PS3. We also got to watch Dynasty beat Status Quo and just got back from watching Final Boss beat Carbon. More news to come.

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  1. Dude, I so failed on not knowing you were going (hey that rhymed). And dude you are right, I’m totally looking into the “getting a PS3” situation before the come February. Killzone 3 not only looked good, it was fun as heck to play as well :)

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