Catch MLG on USA Network this weekend!

Just in case you haven’t been paying attention (or maybe forgot about it) USA Network will be running a seven-part TV series on Major League Gaming and it’s national competitions.

The series chronicles the challenges, drama and excitement of young professionals competing in MLG’s seven-city professional video game circuit. The Boost Mobile Major League Gaming Pro Circuit will take viewers into the lives of the players with a behind-the-scenes look into their homes, schools, work and social lives.

The series kicks off this Saturday, November 11, and will run all the way through December 23. Be sure to check it out and catch all the action, and maybe pick up some techniques from the pros!

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21 Responses to Catch MLG on USA Network this weekend!

  1. Dialpex says:

    Ill be watching that !!!

  2. MadGecko says:

    Ill be taping that and posting it on YouTube or archive or something for all yalls that miss it. just dont tell USA that im infringing on their copyright. maybe ill include some commentary before and after in order to dodge that. =) its good to know about those nasty copyright laws! study hard boys and girs and someday, maybe you to can be just like the Matress Giant! (Only At Matress Giant… OH AH!!!)

  3. Stooch says:

    …We don’t have USA over here… :(

  4. Killazilla says:

    That’s weird we get the BBC over here why son’t they give you USA?

    Anywho I am going to be guled to the TV on SAt morning!

  5. sapadrew says:

    i dont know im all for gaming and stuff but having like a “sport” is a little weird… ill watch just to see what the hype is but i still dont know…..

  6. fatt stuff says:

    In the future I bet video games and MLG will make it to the

  7. Algebra Cow says:

    stooch i bet it will be on mlg’s site

  8. articlegfx says:

    lol ive had this on my tivo season pass for like 2 weeks :P

  9. PurpleDemon666 says:

    stupid wresteling is on

  10. PurpleDemon666 says:

    stupid wresteling is on

  11. MadGecko says:

    well, that was pretty cool…
    looking foward to Dallas next week.

  12. downskated says:

    i watch it today, and i’m not impressed, and of the commentary for it sucked, they where think the sword is the best weapon and totally over looked the importance of the shotgun, and to be honest these people didn’t look that good, and their play of the day, was a double kill with a rocket, that wasn’t that impressive.

  13. NamesTwister says:

    who was it that used the claw?

  14. MadGecko says:

    Walshy was the one using the claw.
    and i dont know what your talking about downskated… it wasnt the double kill that was the highlight, it was the fact that he was able to do so with the help of his team as they locked down the map. But as far as play of the day? I would have given it to the guy that took BR tower all by himself w/ shoty in the FB Str8 game. Even tho they still lost. I should have this whole thing uploaded soon, so you all can watch it =)

  15. Mr 0uch says:

    ill have to find it on th net cause we don’t have that channel here in Australia

  16. Algebra Cow says:

    gecko that will be breaking the copyright laws

  17. MadGecko says:

    pretty sure i said that up there =)
    but then again, none of us really care that its copyright infringment when we make machinima.

  18. sora says:

    your mamas so fat she used the scareb gun to barbaque her food.

  19. Algebra Cow says:

    sora that was the most random post i have ever and I mean EVER seen

  20. cbgamefreak64 says:

    whoever posted it on youtube can us post the link here, i missed it so does anyone know if a rerun is on

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