Weekly Porridge #43: Gears of War

QualityJeverage sez:


Terribly sorry it’s taken so long. I’ve been busy the past week. I had hoped to get this done on the weekend, but as many of you know, I suddenly came into possession of a 360. Hence, I was a bit distracted.

Anyway, I know the Porridge schedule has been a bit weird lately, with any luck I’ll be back on track soon.

In the meantime, enjoy!

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4 Responses to Weekly Porridge #43: Gears of War

  1. Ju Blaine says:

    The comic isn’t linked to a bigger version. I can’t read it but I know it’s there! Stop torturing me!!

  2. BigDaddy991 says:

    LOL nice.

  3. MasterDeath says:

    Haha, down with Cliffy B!

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