Weekly Porridge #33: Fare Thee Well

Quality Jeverage is back with his exceptional illustration skills for another weekly porridge! This time we get a new sidekick, but will he stick around? More talk in the forums. Now where was I in this asteroids game…

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5 Responses to Weekly Porridge #33: Fare Thee Well

  1. jammy12 says:

    yay! new porridge!


    EDIT: wootzorz! 1st reply! 

  2. KrashCourse says:

    w00t second post, comic is funny

  3. Stooch says:

    My cloak makes me look fat

  4. Infektion X says:

    Good self esteem stooch. lol

  5. mathsucks004 says:

    lmao, to stooch and the porrige.  keep it up jeverage

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