Weekly Porridge #31: JVB on a Plaaaane!

Even though it’s been a slow week outside of us winning the podcast awards, Quality Jeverage doesn’t disappoint and pulls off another cool comic related to a little movie that came out this weekend. Check it out! More talk in the forums.

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3 Responses to Weekly Porridge #31: JVB on a Plaaaane!

  1. OmniMoose says:

    first post!!! yes finally i win!!! it was pretty funny.  that movie “snakes on a plane” looks gay though

  2. Ix Sc0pe xI says:

    You got the first comment. The first post was made by Rist Peblo in the General Discussion’s Thread

    Anyways. Nice Porridge
    hmmm DM is a Ninja Conehead with Wheels… nice

  3. terminatormonky says:

    omg does it really matter about who gets it first gosh just thank jev about this nice comic strip hah 3rd post lol im kiddn nice on jev

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