Weekly Porridge #11: Humpday

Now in the double digits, Podtacular’s weekly comic comes at you again from Mr. Quality Jeverage. More discussion in the forums. I can’t wait for humpday!

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7 Responses to Weekly Porridge #11: Humpday

  1. Dialpex says:

    Jev.. this just keep getting better and better.. it was kool… in celebration of Podtacular Humpday Challenge Achievement..!!!! Way to go…

  2. juice57 says:

    That was pretty cool. Like dial said they get better and better

  3. Skinman says:

    Nice work Jev, but who’s giant foot is that in the last cell? Is it one of ours?

  4. Chevelle65 says:

    Jev, seriously you are on to some thing here, every week they get better and better and like the podcast, i find myself getting excited when a new ep. come out!

  5. Painkilla05 says:

    That would be JVB Skinman

  6. Gemini Ace says:


  7. Reaping Raven says:

    i predict that the giant foot is jvb…hehe

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