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Well, it has been fun making this series, and it has drawn to it’s conclusion. I’ve boasted about this project to quite a few people, and I’ve been hard at work developing a site for it. So I’m please to announce all the videos are available to be viewed and downloaded on my website: duststorm.org. A little bonus: you can download the videos in high-res for all the dedicated fans out there. I really appreciate all the feedback and support for this project. You can access the videos [url=http://duststorm.org/podtv/campaign]here[/url].

Now you may be thinking that I’m done, but I’m far from it. I have a few projects I want to pursue, one being the Halo Wars Campaign, where I will do the same thing I did with the Halo 3 campaign. And of course, when ODST comes out, I’ll do a series for that as well. Another project I’m looking to do will involve the community in the Podtacular Campaign: where me and three people will play the campaign with probably every skull, but the blind skull. I’ll be mainly focusing on people who have been here the longest and have dedicated the most time to the community or forums, but it doesn’t mean that everyone is excluded. Each level will have a different group of people, so there is plenty of slots. I’m also looking into machinima, but I’m not exactly sure what I’ll do, but I’ll definitely keep people updated.

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6 Responses to PodTV Campaign Show Site

  1. 2cool4skool says:

    do u meen the “Radar Jammer”?????? >:(

  2. chickmagnet 97 says:

    this podcast is awsome and on the last resort on forge if you are going against a friend get to the ball thing and at the main building go on top of the entry on the level that conects to the wheel but before that get a sniper if you do it right u should be able to stay up there and snipe your enimes

  3. Fungus Oz says:

    Yayz! Duststorm.org is good! ( Now I know what the Heck was going on when you looked into a terminal and all this computery text popped up.
    Now youll probably help others with your runthroughs! They are all now on my Ipod :)

  4. Dust Storm says:

    lol. If I remember correctly, I was the third site to come out with all the terminal stuff.

  5. tacticalleader says:

    Great job on the campaign show and series Dusty! It was really well put together and the site you made was really easy to navigate.
    Are you going to do a campaign show for Halo 3 Recon?

  6. Dust Storm says:

    If you read the post, you would have seen that I am.

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