Pod TV Episode 9: Superjumps and Glitching


This episode is a little different. It’s kind of an instructional montage on how to superbounce and perform certain glitches, with a really sweet soundtrack. Thanks to the crew that put it together: Cryptoflix, Molers, Darqnight, and Paradox. Check it out!

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6 Responses to Pod TV Episode 9: Superjumps and Glitching

  1. chunkydude95 says:

    dude this is preeety cool thanks fo sharing it

  2. Sqweryl says:

    Wow! This is the best PodTV episode by far! The soundtrack, the info; it has it all! Nice job guys!

  3. CasualTerror says:

    It doesn’t really show you how to do the superjumps but it shows you what to look for if you don’t know already.

  4. GLewis says:

    wrong year, great vid.

  5. Killazilla says:

    [quote]wrong year, great vid.[/quote]

    Lol I noticed that too “Podtacular 2006”


  6. theLLOYDman says:

    i thought there could have been some more useful bounces in there, but i guess this isnt really a bouncing community.

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