Pod TV Episode 5: I would have been your daddy


Pod TV is back! Cryptoflix gives us an interesting lesson on how to get the “I would have been your daddy” skull on outskirts. This is a really tough one to get with lots of roof jumping, but if you watch this video enough you’ll have what it takes. Thanks also to Renegad3 N and Algebra Cow and the rest of the Pod TV team for their hard work in making this show happen. We want more!

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20 Responses to Pod TV Episode 5: I would have been your daddy

  1. Cryptoflix says:

    Thanx – Yeah the skulls onli work on legendary mode!

  2. CARTS says:

    yay finnaly!!!

  3. Mr 0uch says:

    awsome im gonna DL it soon

  4. CARTS says:

    1 question, does this work on any diffulculty or lengendary only?

  5. domthebomb says:

    A new PodTV to study.
    And to CARTS, you need to be on legendary difficulty to get the skulls.

  6. Spartan Sandwich says:

    Awesome! Cool episode

  7. Killazilla says:


  8. xl Ac3 Ix says:

    I like the DragonForce Cry for Eternity in the intro and end

  9. Algebra Cow says:

    there is more coming.

  10. cbgamefreak64 says:

    BIG TIP: get the envy skull(i think thats the one that makes the MC invisibe) then do the glitch where you can become invisible forever( activate it before some loading point) when u get the IWHBYD skull the Elites cant see you so you can just assasinate them. I saw a vid on this but idk where

  11. Algebra Cow says:

    I saw the same one but the envy skull is later in the game

  12. Butt-nacho says:

    wow that looks really hard to get

  13. Algebra Cow says:

    it is

  14. Redotonur4head says:

    lol. I have always taken that path ontop of the roof just to do that level. I never knew that there were skulls up there. I found that jump at the start on the first day I played Halo 2, but never knew it. Not to mention the fact that I have been in that room where the skull spawns before and never known that it was special. Dosn’t a grunt appear up there sometimes?

  15. Algebra Cow says:

    i’ve never heard of that happining

  16. Infektion X says:

    Oooh the IWHBYD skull. I usually use Action Replay and get Infinite Camo for the skull’s challenge but without it is pretty hard. A grunt doesn’t spawn upthere, no grunts.

    Lately I’ve been doing AMAZING on Legendary (Thunderstorm Skull run; No deaths, Shields gone critical only about 5-6 times). I wish I had a Capture Card…

  17. Redotonur4head says:

    Really? Hrm…because I remember going into one of those rooms and seeing a grunt. It was definetely on one of the roof areas.

  18. Stooch says:

    Good job on your first episode Cow! Things like this can be pretty daunting when you first start, but you’ll gel into things over time.
    Good luck with the future of PodTV man.

  19. CasualTerror says:

    Keep’em coming. I have never heard of that skull how. are you going to do the skulls in order is that what you’re doing?

  20. Cryptoflix says:

    Well i have missed one out because it is only a very short skull, but i will go back to it in a later episode! But yeah i will try and keep them in some sort of order!

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