Pod TV: Famine Skull


Cryptoflix gives us a brief run through of how to get the famine skull, in halo 2 on the oracle in legendary mode. The skulls effect is that it makes any weapon that you pick up have less ammo in it. Thanks Crypto!

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8 Responses to Pod TV: Famine Skull

  1. marooner says:

    Yah! always great to see another ep. of POD TV. Great work once again. But kind of a useless skull.

  2. fghtffyrdmnz says:

    What song is that at the beginning? I can almost remember it.

  3. John Wayne 119 says:

    Its breakfast at tiffany’s, please don’t tell anyone i told you that

    (Great i commented to high, dam it)

  4. SGT Corona says:

    Wow, that was short. However another great episode. Keep up the good work guys :D

  5. fghtffyrdmnz says:

    That is it! I miss the 90s.

  6. Mag92 says:

    thanks Corona for geting back on track.

  7. Quigs 10190 says:

    Who would use that skull anyways? oh and for the PodTV maker try and make the Invisibility Glitch please.

  8. Cryptoflix says:

    What invisibility glitch, i have already done the skull which allows the master chief to use active cammo in campaign mode! And the next show will show you how to turn all enemies invisible.

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