Pod TV: Outskirts runthrough


This week Cryptoflix takes us back through some more Halo 2 mastery with a thorough runthrough of the single player map Outskirts on legendary difficulty. Thanks Crypto, we look forward to more!

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8 Responses to Pod TV: Outskirts runthrough

  1. John Wayne 119 says:

    Great Job, Id Love To See A Walk Through Of The First Level On Legendary, Dam Thats Hard

  2. Duffman X18 says:

    When shooting a Jackal, aim for the hole in their shield, not the top.

  3. Dr Pepper 6pk says:

    for some strange reason i cant DL the episode thru iTunes, its stuck at 13 hours

  4. Kiaffex says:

    @ John Wayne 119

    There was a cairo station run through A LONG time ago. Try looking for it here: http://podtacular.com/tv

    lol, nice sword elite kill @ around 2:00. Cryptoflix almost got pwned by a Jackal. XDD

  5. Cryptoflix says:

    Well i try and always aim for their heads! lol Does not seem to work

  6. a surly hobo says:

    Shoot for the divots on the side of their sheilds. They will move the shield away and you can get a clean shot at their ugly faces.

  7. arustyload says:

    was this video super dark for anyone else?

  8. Kiaffex says:

    I agree it was a tad bit dark in certain parts.

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