Pod TV Episode 11: Envy Skull


Pod TV returns with a blast from the past: a detailed walkthrough on how to get the envy skull in Halo 2! This one’s my fault for the extreme delay. Cryptoflix and the Pod TV crew have some more cool videos in the queue coming soon, so stay tuned!

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4 Responses to Pod TV Episode 11: Envy Skull

  1. OnlyUPS says:

    Nice job Crypto! I love that you can watch videos on the homepage now. :D

  2. marooner says:

    Great job and cant wait for nxt ep.

  3. SGT Corona says:

    *applause* awesome work keep em’ comming

  4. quadaxis says:

    there is a way to pick up the envy skull without ever firing a shot or being shot at after the 4 jackel snipers area. (this takes around 20 min to skull and 30-40 to beat the level on legendery)

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