Pod TV News: Show 5

Last weekend, I was in New York visiting Damian from This Spartan Life for a chip-tunes festival and I didn’t have any of my recording equipment, so a third style of video production was pursued. Since the Bulletin came out shortly after I arrived, I wanted to go ahead an get a video out, and this time, it’s more like an actual vlog. Personally, I’m not as fond of this style of publishing since I really don’t have the proper equipment for it, but if you like it, please comment on it.

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3 Responses to Pod TV News: Show 5

  1. Alex says:

    Great video man. Looking forward to the next episode of Podtacular!

  2. Jayson says:

    Great little nugget of Halo goodness!! Looking forward to the juicy info coming out at E3. Keep up the great work man & keep on fraggin those trucks!

  3. Rommel S says:

    I think this video is better than the ones where the audience listens as you play Reach.

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