Pod TV Campaign Runthrough – Sierra 117

Duststorm presents the new Pod TV Campaign show, in this video he shows us how to get all of the skulls on Sierra 117 and tips for completing this mission.

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10 Responses to Pod TV Campaign Runthrough – Sierra 117

  1. KBC says:

    Great job Dust Storm!

    Can’t wait to see the next one.

  2. kn1ght l1ght82 says:

    Nice job i think how you did it live is very cool. if you need any help in the future i would love to help out.

  3. Cryptoflix says:

    nice work DS < yeah the live commentry is a good idea!!! Gratz keep it up.

  4. FAYNUS says:

    Great Job!!! I think it would be cool if you played the next level in heroic or legendary for the players who want to beat the campaign on a higher difficulty. There is more strategy on the higher difficulty and thus, more to talk about. THANKS!!!

  5. Dust Storm says:

    Well, I might as well make a poll, cause a lot of people are asking me to do the other difficulties, so I may end up doing them.

  6. KBC says:

    If you need any help Dusty just shoot me a message. I am up for some Campaign.

  7. SOG all4Gsus says:

    yeah i would love to help if you need any help

  8. Delta Snow says:

    nice work

  9. l ninjaman59 l says:

    Will this be availible on itunes?

  10. Dust Storm says:

    I think so, I’m not sure

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