ODST Achievement Guide: Uplift


The third installment of Pod TV’s ODST Achievement Guide features three more achievements. Each for 5G for a total of 15G, this guide tells you how to get Stunning, Trading Down and Wraith Killer. Stunning and Trading Down can be received on other levels, but Wraith Killer has to be gotten on Uplift Nature Reserve playing as Dutch.

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2 Responses to ODST Achievement Guide: Uplift

  1. ChuckieJ says:

    You can also let your marines kill the wraiths. I ran through it on a warthog and let my passenger have the laser. When he died I picked up the guy with rockets and we just owned ’em.

  2. Dust Storm says:

    I guess that works because all the marine kills count as yours when you and them are in the hog.

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