CTF Flag Carrier Traits

Kevin Grace, Franchise Manager and Kynan Pearson, Lead Multiplayer Level Designer talked with us about the new flag carrier traits in Halo 4 matchmaking. You now run the same speed when carrying the flag, can shoot a magnum in one hand, but you cannot drop the flag after you pick it up. This is going to make teamwork an important part of CTF games in matchmaking. There are also more informative waypoints for flags in the game, where you have a timer on when the flag will return and information on what to do with the flag. There is no comment on whether or not dropping the flag will be an option in customs.

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3 Responses to CTF Flag Carrier Traits

  1. Lashon says:

    Thank god 343i made it so the flag carrier can’t drop the flag, it’s so annoying in CTF hearing “FLAG DROPPED!” a million times

  2. Shadow says:

    Sounds awesome not droping it, and really great running the normal speed. I like how u can hold the mag wit it. But I dislike how the enemy burns up after gettin assassinated, it should just be a regular stab and die there. There’s no point to the burning up thing unless Spartans are vampires hahahah which they are not.

  3. Carts says:

    cool info

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