Podtacular Episode 200 Livestream Success

Thanks to everyone who came to the live show last night! At max, we had 30 viewers but there have been over 8000 visits to the stream in the past 24 hrs. The 200th episode is currently looping on the livestream. So you can go relive all the crazy moments anytime. Guests & Hosts included Foo mo jive, Spelchek, CapnKrunk, ChuckieJ, Lancelot and of course Dust Storm and GLewis. Also, there were a few call-ins, an epic “Keep on Fraggin'” by Rice Snak Rozz and the community, and a “moment montage” by Lilkuke. Audio version coming later this week.

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2 Responses to Podtacular Episode 200 Livestream Success

  1. Emmanuel Guzon says:

    woo finally you guys are up to 200 episodes wooooooo love you guys :)

  2. soccersac says:

    omg spelchek was there

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