Podtacular Special: Halo Decade Show, Part 3

As we continue our journey down memory lane leading up to the 10th anniversary of Halo, we take the time to dwell on the story thus far. For those who just play the games, we see the story of Master Chief unfold along with the struggle in the Human-Covenant War. For those who look for a deeper adventure into the fiction of the Halo Universe, there are books, movies and other Halo lore that enriches the experience. Come join us for our third installment of our decade series as we talk about the Halo Story thus-far. Enjoy

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2 Responses to Podtacular Special: Halo Decade Show, Part 3

  1. DavidFuchs says:

    Great discussion! On the Halo 2 Arbiter aspect, I think one of the reasons people hated it was because most of the Arbiter levels were simply not as fun as the Chief ones (except for maybe Uprising.)

  2. William Welch says:

    Awesome Topic, I love Halo but i wish 343 would go back and do a game just based on Johnson’s story how he became who he was in the games i would love to play as the best guy in halo 1,2,3……Dam Guilty Spark y.y.y……….

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