Podtacular Community Podcast (PCP) Episode 1

CAM-oflauge a.k.a. nobudy recently started a new podcast with GLewis for and by the podtacular community. First episode is with me (foo mo) chatting with him about the future of Podtacular and what’s up now that I’m not hosting the podcast.


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10 Responses to Podtacular Community Podcast (PCP) Episode 1

  1. Amplified-Silence says:

    That’s awesome! Its great that Podtacular is creating these new communities spurring from the one that started it all!
    I hope they do well with their podcasts. And I hope you guys will check out my podcast @ http://haloamplified.blogspot.com.
    I hope you guys can joi us for our LIVE recordings! Episode 2 is scheduled for Saturday at 7pm EST… Check it out!
    Sorry for my little advertisement but its great that the Podtacular community is creating something much larger.

  2. Cryptoflix says:

    Yeah this is kool, nice to have some kind of an audio podcast going again!

  3. azn_dude1 says:

    Great first show, I really like this part:

    JVB is hairy, JVB is hairy, JVB is hairy, JVB is hairy

    lol keep up the good work

  4. thadwhit says:

    Cool, good to see someone carrying on.

  5. KBC says:

    Nice Job you guys. Will we be seeing this on iTunes soon?

  6. death moose says:

    yeah, what about zune?

  7. JVB says:

    Great job guys.

    Yes, I am hairy.:-)

  8. PoopInABasket says:

    I like the podcast nobudy. Keep it up.

  9. CAM-ouflage says:

    Thanks guys!!
    We are working to get it one Zune/Itunes. Watch our thread for updates

  10. Jacked Kill says:

    Nice job guys, next time bring some Oreo cookies man. U might need them.

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