Episode 96: Halo 3 Show with special guests Bluestrike and U2mofo

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It’s the Halo 3 show where we talk about how you would end Halo 3, what people think about the latest Halo 3 info, and how you think the Halo 3 beta will work. With special guests Bluestrike from mute-radio.com and U2MoFo from loadingreality.com. This week’s pod art is from Crashwave. By the way we’re running low on pod art (Podtacular album art) so if you’re an artist and a fan, please send some in! Show clocks in at 1:03. Thanks to Ciclonic for editing audio. Enjoy it!

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11 Responses to Episode 96: Halo 3 Show with special guests Bluestrike and U2mofo

  1. Jet pilot says:

    downloading now, Topics for this ep are rely good

  2. UK I tauri says:

    wow, BlueStrike?!?! nice goin guys!

  3. Algebra Cow says:

    It was actually very easy for me to convince him to come on

  4. Algebra Cow says:

    sry for dbl

  5. Ugly Mutt says:

    UHHH guys you missed my comment in between Merc Savage and Jumped up custard Ie. i dink masta’ chief gots’ta die at da damn end uh halo 3. Ahh well there’s always next time

  6. Algebra Cow says:

    Thankx for the birthday shoutout guys. My 14th was very good. And I love the episode

  7. toowicked4u says:

    Thanks a lot guys; after listening to this podcast, I had Milli Vanilli stuck in my head ALL DAY. I guess it’s not completely your fault though….i blame it on the rain. Seriously, I love your podcast. Keep up the good work!

  8. JVB says:

    LOL….I know man. I’m in shock at how many Milli Vanilli songs Foo Mo Jive know.

  9. Xnauth says:

    Yeah guys, really good this time. Can’t wait for the next Halo 3 show.

  10. blankCANVAS says:

    Great episode. :)

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