Episode 94: Customs and Callins with KP from Bungie!

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It’s the Customs and Callins show where we talk about the top few custom games, the top few halo jokes, the voice mails for the month with CapnKrunk and tales from the foxhole. Not only that, we have a pretty meaty talk with KP from Bungie about what to expect from Halo 3! Settle in for a long one, it’s 1:24 of podtacular goodness. Thanks to Ciclonic for editing audio and thanks to whoever sent in this pod art because I seem to have lost your gamertag. Episode 95 should be out within a few days at most. Enjoy!

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13 Responses to Episode 94: Customs and Callins with KP from Bungie!

  1. sapadrew says:

    finally…. lol jk. i like the art work

  2. Spartan Sandwich says:

    w00t! can’t wait :D

  3. face head says:


  4. JVB says:

    Yeah guys. Listen to when I get PwNd by KP.

  5. Rist peblo says:

    Oh Gosh Mosh! THANK YOU! Man, I was really getting antsy in my pantsy, I haven’t had Podtac in FOREVER! Plus I’m really looking forward to having a Bugnie guy on the show! [b]This is gonna rock![/b]

  6. JVB says:

    Awesome choice of Micheal Jackson CapnKrunk and sweet segment Brent..lol.

  7. BrentGamer says:

    Great episode guys! I’ve been waiting for so long to get this……..:D

  8. Butt-nacho says:

    I wonder who might of made those plaques? oh yeah lol. You said my name right after it with that thing about superbouncing. I thought you remembered lol. Oh yeah for all you superbouncing fans out there, I TOLD YOU SO…..

  9. blankCANVAS says:

    YAY! DLing now. :)

  10. UK I tauri says:

    about time…lol

  11. Stooch says:

    YESSS! Thanks guys, d/ling now….

  12. Killazilla says:

    Still waiting on my pizza Capn Krunk.

  13. River Below says:

    Yay, my Pod Art! lol Nice episode.

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