Episode 93: MLG Update and King of the Hill

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It’s the first of it’s kind! First we gots the MLG Update hosted by Dialpex, Roman Craig and Jonnysan, then we gots the King of the Hill segment with me, JVB and LOA Revalation. King of the hill talks about contenders for the top game spot, focusing probably on one game a month. This month we talk all about Rainbow Six Vegas and compare it to Halo 2. Pod Art this week comes from Kimo23. Nice work dude! Big thanks to Ciclonic for editing audio. Show is 1:12. Enjoy!

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7 Responses to Episode 93: MLG Update and King of the Hill

  1. meean Luc says:

    Horray new show setup downloading now!

    1st post w00t!

  2. Killazilla says:

    Woot a nice Christmas Eve Eve present!

    downloading now.

    EDIT: Cock-a-doodle-noob! I <3 JVB

  3. Rist peblo says:

    Yay Ciclonic!

    EDIT: Wow, This is a really GREAT Episode! One of my favorites, for sure. You guys had GREAT points, like about fnabases and stuff. You guys need to be in charge of something! (ANYTHNING!)

    LOA Revelation is a nice guest host…

  4. Logan Payne says:

    Foo Mo
    I’m still crying that I coulda been in the room for cocka doodle n00b…
    Even though it’s only my fault

  5. BigDaddy991 says:

    Great episode you guys!

  6. roman craig says:

    lots of fun recording w/ Diego & Jon!! great job guys

  7. Stooch says:

    Jonnysan has such a sexy voice.

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