Episode 87: Halo 3 and More with Special Guest Hosts

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This is the Halo 3 and more show where we talk about all the new stuff from halo 3 that came out last week and more, such as our listeners wish lists and lots of stuff on Halo Wars.

This is a special episode so thanks to the special guest hosts Chevelle65 and CapnKrunk. The episode is a bit longer than usual but ITS WELL WORTH the wait. The Podart this week comes from Paul Maestri on a special request, thank you man!!!. Also HUUUUUGE thanks to Ciclonic for editing. Enjoy it!

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29 Responses to Episode 87: Halo 3 and More with Special Guest Hosts

  1. QualityJeverage says:

    Ooh, early this week. D/Ling now!

  2. sapadrew says:

    its out really early… o well more podtacular for me!

  3. JVB says:

    Yeah this episode is well worth the listen.

  4. Rist peblo says:

    chevelle…. finally

  5. cptkabuse3 says:

    i put it in sideways
    hell no i dont want rockets

  6. Algebra Cow says:

    Great job chevelle, Dial, and immortal. Amazing show.

  7. QualityJeverage says:

    Wewt for the magical Foo Mo Surprise!

  8. Tarheels32 says:

    Thats mest up guys…..

  9. ausomadam says:

    cool 360 were do i order one

  10. Laird says:

    Correct term you are looking for JVB is Machinima “For dummies”.:)

  11. ClownX says:

    I’m so pissed I couldn’t scrounge up teh monies. *growls*

  12. Stooch says:

    Oooo an early one. Cheers Ciclonic!

  13. Dialpex says:

    Big Thanks to the guys on the show and specialy to Paul Maestri for getting the podart for me within only a few hours of notice and Ciclonic for getting the episode edited in only one day…

    Thank you sooooo much guys…


  14. articlegfx says:

    It’s broken for me…says theres a 404 and that the file can’t be found. :'(

  15. Stooch says:

    Download link wont work for me.

  16. LastWXY says:

    I wish I could listen to it.

    I can’t download it

  17. immortalthree says:

    dahhhh, you should have got me on the show Dial lol….

  18. pwner of teh noobs says:

    ya its not working for me either when tried to download it earlier it took 2 hjours to downtload 19 of 71 mb and then froze

  19. NYSTOFMIND23 says:

    wow i just got on itunes 2 min ago and it wasn’t working and now it is…ahahah perfect timing

  20. Mr 0uch says:

    hmm i cant listen to all of the ep this sucks, but i can wait i know u guys r busy

    i solved my problem i just downloaded it again

  21. Chevelle65 says:

    That was really fun doing the show, lol man my voice sucks..lol

  22. Killazilla says:

    Yeah Chevelle stick to the News! jk

  23. NYSTOFMIND23 says:

    JVB is hilarious

  24. MasterDeath says:

    Yeah, the day it came out it I was downloading it (iTunes) said it would take 5 HOURS, but I wanted to hear it so bad so I left my computer on during the night and I found out it cut of at 27 min. XD, but I guess a new feed is out and I re-downloaded it and it only took 3 min! But anything for Podtacular, thanks for fixing it! :)

  25. Butt-nacho says:

    Chevelle sounds different than he does on Xbox live lol

  26. Gemini Ace says:

    Put your pants on and let’s go!

    Great show everyone!

  27. a13x says:

    Ya guys it was an awesome show, but where are the pics you said you posted at the beggining of the episode????

  28. Titaneus says:

    yeah i was in this episode.

  29. KickassMTNbiker says:

    I Wonder if the Podart had a little give away because it’s wraped up like a gift

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