Episode 86: Update Show Night at the Apollo

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Okay guys, its time for the update show and Night at the Apollo. This is a hilarious show and thanks to BrentGamer the most edited show of all times… lol j/k It was a great show full of great laughs and some awesome jokes.

So sit tight now and laugh all you can at another funny episode of Podtacular, featuring Indian Princess and BrentGamer. The art this week comes from our Brit Stooch. Also thanks to Ciclonic for editing. Enjoy it!

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28 Responses to Episode 86: Update Show Night at the Apollo

  1. Killazilla says:

    Woot! downloading now….

  2. Jordizzle says:

    sweetzorz, ill be downloading this soon

  3. Painkilla05 says:

    Nice podart Stooch!

  4. Lab0mba says:

    I like the art. Very sleek.

  5. Unr3alChi3f says:

    whats with this in the show notes???

    Painkilla said… (04 May 06, looking at version 13 )
    Almost done with tips. Sorry if their late, spelcheking them all is sad.
    Painkilla said… (04 May 06, looking at version 15 )
    Sorry for totally messing up the bullets and bolds. I had to copy and paste
    the thing into word to spelchek it and I diddnt know their were the macro
    things. Ill remember that next time.
    Laird said… (30 Aug 06, looking at version 115 )
    Everything is looking good so far.
    Laird said… (31 Aug 06, looking at version 116 )
    Holy crap dude! some of these are pretty long. Might have to charge ya by
    the word! J/K! I’m hanging on skype whenever you two are ready.\


    oh yea, and the show notes are in PDF again!!!

  6. Megaman Zero 3 says:


  7. BigDaddy991 says:

    Great episode!

  8. Killazilla says:

    Brent Brent Brent

  9. BrentGamer says:

    I would like to thank the Academy for acknowledging my talent…..

    *tears of joy*

  10. ClownX says:

    OOH! I like the new format of the show, with a PDF of the shownotes instead of the MP3 and all… ;)

  11. Painkilla05 says:

    Unreal. Do you not see the date on that. Is ancient.

  12. CapnKrunk says:

    Foo Mo Corleone! HAAHHHAAA!!! Another great show, yous guys!

  13. DentingCobra says:


  14. HAVOC STi says:

    Hilarity insued once again. I’m gonna go try to get a triple kill on Nintendogs now.

  15. Spartan Sandwich says:

    That was a great episode, good work guys!

  16. Dialpex says:

    Great Job Talli!!!! Nice Podcast Brent!!! Amazing!!!

  17. CasualTerror says:

    on itunes it only has the show notes. no episode. :(

  18. IndianPrincess says:

    That was soooo fun! Thank you guys!!

  19. Killazilla says:

    My itunes version is working fine. maybe you should delete then redownload it.

  20. BrentGamer says:

    I suppose this takes me out of the running for Guest Host Of The Year 2006

  21. Venus Envy says:

    AWESOME! good job indian! w00T! i shall hit up itunes to put it onto my NEW IPOD! YEAH!!!!!!! =D

  22. OmniMoose says:

    my comp won’t show the notes. any ideas?

  23. Stooch says:

    It’s about time my PodArt went up!
    Thanks guys, that cheerd me up :)

    And really great episode guys!

  24. Killazilla says:

    [b]I suppose this takes me out of the running for Guest Host Of The Year 2006[/b]

    Its either you or stuntmutt in my mind.

  25. digitaldren says:

    In iTunes it only downloaded the show notes in a PDF. I deleted the file and told iTunes to download the show again. But the show doesnt download.


  26. digitaldren says:

    Ok I just Unsubscribed and subscribed again and it is now downloading the show.


  27. naramanis says:

    Nareman want to make love with LediLexa.

  28. Raxxy says:

    D: I can’t download it!

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