Episode 85: Customs and Callins with special guest: Keith from Gamercast Network

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It’s time for customs and callins with a full cast: JVB, Rist Peblo, Keith from Gamercast Network, and CapnKrunk on the voice mails! (all I can say is L-O-L!) We’re talking about the top few custom games, voice mails from the month, and tales from the foxhole. Sorry my mic is too loud in this, I’ll fix that next time. Pod Art comes from Paul Maestri this time. OMG it’s me in Kriss Kross clothes!! Thanks to Ciclonic for editing. Show’s about 1:16. Enjoy it!

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12 Responses to Episode 85: Customs and Callins with special guest: Keith from Gamercast Network

  1. HAVOC STi says:

    Great show guys.

  2. BrentGamer says:

    The Pod Art for this episode will undoubtedly be transferred to and displayed at the Lourve.

  3. BigDaddy991 says:

    Great episode!

  4. Killazilla says:

    Everytime i click show notes it takes me to some guys website called “Mike Fun”.

  5. Chevelle65 says:

    Nice job rist, I thought you did great. Also brent, loved the call in!!!! Nice show guys.

  6. face head says:

    well, i joined 1 day after rist so..rist, watch out and NEVER BE ALONE

  7. foomojive says:

    daaah somehow the shownotes didn’t get uploaded. I’ll do that tonight.

  8. SDtektiv says:

    I had to catch my breath and went off-beat a few times so just listen to it and imagine what it was meant to sound like! I think I redeemed myself with [i]”SendamessagetoallyourfriendsandclanmembersMakingfunofmesaying SD is A restriction-givinglivingstricterthanacommissioner”[/i] and the ending stanza. You all know how you can get nervous when you send in voicemails!

    Even though I’ve taken my LIVE event-running elsewhere, thanks for playing my rap!

    What I learned from this is that when you’re adrenaline’s going, sometimes it can actually be easier to cram 25 words into one line than try to be smooth and have all the pauses be in the right place.

    So if you want to play with someone who’s not afraid to be “unreasonably” booting annoying or cussing people, send me a friend request, I’m actually a very nice person I just wanted people to not take me booting them personally.



    (If you do, please attach the text “pod” or something so I know where you are coming from!)

  9. Jet pilot says:

    wow foo you look like the guy from the nooma dvd’s

  10. Night Rider 7 says:

    NO, he looks like Corky from Waiting for guffman. Just look at those backwards pants.

  11. JVB says:

    HAHAHA….That Pod-Art is classic. It looks just like him..LOL…This was one of the funnest episodes I ever did. BAW!!!

  12. Algebra Cow says:

    w00t i got mentioned without sending anything in.

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