Episode 75: The Halo 3 Show

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I gotta say, this is one of my favorite shows EVAR. We talk about some cool ideas and speculation people had for Halo 3 and we get into some other games Halo freaks play. With co-host JVB, guest host Dialpex, and his pet cricket. Pod art comes from LetsGetTactical. Thanks to QualityJeverage for editing this show while Ciclonic is out on vacation. Prepare to be amazed!

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26 Responses to Episode 75: The Halo 3 Show

  1. Dialpex says:

    I does? ohhh yeah.. just think of all the people on the circle and you come with some rockets and Ba Baaaammm get a killfrenzy. Right?

  2. JVB says:

    We’ll have a Hacky Sack battle..:-)

  3. foomojive says:

    Hacky Sack is a great game if you’re a Halo fan! If you know Halo, you will excel right away at Hacky Sack. It uses the same skills.

  4. Dialpex says:

    OMG.. this was funny.. i just couldn’t stop laughing.. lol

  5. Unr3alChi3f says:

    2nd post, downloading now!

  6. Unr3alChi3f says:

    oh yea, about the game that they board giants, i believe that game is Shadow of the Colossus

  7. CapnKrunk says:

    That’s right, Unreal.

    LOL…Titty Bit. Awesome guys!


  8. Painkilla05 says:

    Shadow of the colossus looks awsome. IS that even out?

  9. CapnKrunk says:

    It’s been out for like six months at least. I played a beta of it almost a year ago…Dude, where ya been? :D

  10. QualityJeverage says:

    Yeah Painkilla, that game is WAY old. Still, I rented a PS2 just to play it…AMAZING!

    Anyway, it was tough to edit this show because it was just too damn funny. I couldn’t focus!

  11. SpeedyLilBugger says:

    AWSOME Episode guys i finished listening to it about half an hour ago and i think ive just about finished laughing.

  12. terminatormonky says:

    i have actually played hello kitty im serious but im not going to say my opinion

  13. Dialpex says:

    “Hi I’m Ba Baam the Grunt” – LMAO!!!!!! I can’t stop laughing.. This episode was funny dude.. JVB and Foo Mo made me laugh the whole show.. Those guys are awesome!!!!!

  14. jp199212 says:

    hey everyone, as  you know i did contribute to the halo 3 show (I was JP Oliver that had the assualt idea with the interatction with the map, and it censored for some odd reason….), and when it censored the word , i knew what it was. i have an odd pop up blocker that also blocks spam with cuss words on it (yes, there are those pop ups)…but you guys know what i meant when you saw arm the ______. Anyways yea that was awkward but funny at the same time lol rock on. btw ha ha ha that was a good one with the CIA or whatever lol i thought that was nice

  15. terminatormonky says:

    no crap about hello kitty (it should be called halo kitty) but anyways dont hurt me

  16. Chevelle65 says:

    BA BAM

    “now gather around, cause I’m the fool in town, and my sounds are laid down by the underground”

    ps Foo Mo you’re not the only one that still knows that whole song!!!! lol

    Best ep EVER!

  17. Stooch says:

    Yay my present from Foo!
    D/loading now.

  18. jp199212 says:

    umm hopefully no one took my mess up in an offensive way…lol

  19. SDtektiv says:

    Yay my thing about using the Prophet’s Chair was read! (16:38). *Feeble Prophet Voice* **I have to take a dump please watch my chair**. That was funny. Speaking of which, I have to right now, so uh, please watch my chair.

  20. JVB says:

    I had a lot of fun…..RED BULL!!!

  21. face head says:


  22. LoneBananaFone says:

    well, lets all just make fun of little old lone banana.

    just a little tiddy bit, for those of you who dont know, i originally recorded the cursed ep with JVB. i was very tired when we did, and frankly i wasnt doing to well. i then decided that they were laughing at my jokes so i would laugh at then. i then proceeded to almost fall asleep, so when i talked i sounded emo.

    jvb, i will fight you. 2pm, flag pole. be there or ill destroy uour hard earned middle school reputation.

  23. Solidus Strife says:

    I’m waiting for Bungie to confirm the HDYLIN difficulty. Maybe it could be Halo 3’s version of a skull.

  24. privatetucker says:

    yes i have been waiting for this one!!! downloading now!! THANK U PODTACULAR!!!! school started….it sucks

  25. Gemini Ace says:

    Hammer time!

  26. ScottishDrunk says:

    So the download link is broken? Lol I wanted to hear this episode again, definitely my favorite

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