Episode 68: Customs and Call-ins

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It’s the Custom and Callins show. This is a great show where we cover the top 3 custom games, a bunch of jokes, tons of awesome voice mails and some incredible tales from the FoxHole. With guest hosts TerminatorLlama and Samanator. Pod Art this week comes from Face Head. And as usual, big thanks to Painkilla05 for sorting out the voice mails and Ciclonic for the amazing job on editing the show. It’s not easy to edit all these great voice mails.

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52 Responses to Episode 68: Customs and Call-ins

  1. Stooch says:

    Great show guys! Good job Llama.

  2. Spartan331 says:

    i got skipped!…..(later on in the show)…i got skipped again!

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