Podtacular 594: HBO: The Cornerstone of the Halo Community at Pax

It’s no surprise that every year, many people from the Halo community flock to Seattle to attend Pax West in the backyard of 343 Industries, who produces the Halo games, but what constantly brings us back? For many attendees of the expo, it’s a chance to learn about or play the latest in games, whether tabletop or video game related, but this year, there was no Halo presence at the convention, which begs the question: why are we here? 343 does throw a nice community day for some of the fortunate who have made their way out to Seattle, but the biggest attraction has to be the ability to find other Halo fans who are just as passionate about the franchise as we are. Even though Halo Fest only happened once (not counting MCC launch), Pax has always felt like a Halo family reunion to many that attend and it is this reason that we keep coming back. As new faces join every year, we stopped to reflect on the state of the Halo community and came to an epiphany that, we would not all be here and the Halo community would not exist if it weren’t for the efforts of THE cornerstone of the community: Halo.Bungie.Org and more specifically, the godfather of the community himself, Claude Errera. Many of the communities and personalities you know today branched off from HBO in some form or fashion, even us here at Podtacular. This makes for a very interesting retrospective that plays well into this episode. For this Pax cast, we are joined by a myriad of Halo community members and influencers including, from the Installation 01 team: The Chunkier Bean and Greg Wasdyke, from the Sins of the Prophets team, Unikraken and Lavo, CMT SPV3 lead Masterz, Hidden Xperia, Toa Freak and LateNightGaming.

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