Podtacular 592: The Untold Story of Halo – Transfer of Power, Persistent Support

We make our final stop in the journey behind the development of the Halo franchise starting almost 16 years ago. In our past two installments covering the untold story of Halo we saw the struggles, but massive success Halo became in episode 588, and how Bungie took the vision of Halo through their work on Halo: Reach in episode 590. Now we tackle the final chapter of this story bringing us to the current day developments of the Master Chief saga. It’s not unknown to most Halo fans the animosity Bungie had with Microsoft, especially when they started parting ways and becoming an independent studio again while completing development of Halo: Reach.  As 343 Industries took over the responsibilities of the franchise, new leaders and ideas came flooding in to a company who had never made a game before, let alone picking up the work on a well-established AAA title, but the vision was enough for the studio to push Halo to new platforms and experiences, expanding the universe into a multimedia franchise. While it may look like all sunshine and rainbows from 343 Industries management of Halo, there are still many challenges they face and even more unfolding for the future.

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