Podtacular 560: 15 Years of Halo

For the past fifteen years, Halo has entertained us, developed friendships, pushed competitive eSports and built lasting communities. Halo has lead to some remarkable life experiences for all fans of the franchise and following the 15 year anniversary Halo Livestream, we decided to chime in on our experience with Halo.

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2 Responses to Podtacular 560: 15 Years of Halo

  1. Dennis Kj says:

    Nice new layout

  2. Tyler says:

    For Speed Halo in Halo 5, if you turn your Wraith backwards it will gain speed faster, Also if you fire it will make you gain speed even faster. Here’s how fast I was going:
    Just to let you know so it will be more fun next time :)
    By the way, great podcast, I just found out about you today and I look forward to listening to more podcast.

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