Podtacular 526: Flashbacks

Everyone has that classic Halo multiplayer map they love from the past and thanks to Halo 5’s incredible Forge and awesome fans, a lot of these maps are making a comeback!  It’s amazing to see what the community has done in just two short months of having Forge available, and we know this is just the tip of the iceberg.  Some of our favorite custom games are coming back too, with more on the way as new game modes release.  Meanwhile, a few updates have been applied to Halo 5 with changes to REQ costs for some weapons in Warzone and the Blue team color has been modified for more balanced target acquisition for both teams.  As we discuss the Swords of Sanghelios mission, we start to see some changes in thought of the Sangheili, which is nice to see in-game, evolving the story past its predecessors.

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  1. RommelS says:

    Dust, the “Servants of The Abiding Truth” are Telcam’s group, (from the kilo 5 trilogy). I believe what you were looking for was “The Didacts Hand”. I believe that is what Jul his group in H4’s Spartan Ops.

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