Podtacular 523: Round Objects

The Community Cartographers are an integral part of the Halo community and with the recent introduction of Forge to Halo 5: Guardians, they are in full swing providing feedback to 343 Industries, creating new maps, promoting community content and teaching us non-Forgers how to do cool things.  We are honored to have Ducain23 (Forge Channel), NOKYARD (GrifballHub/HaloGAF), The Psycho Duck (Halo Customs/ForgeHub), WARH0LIC (ForgeHub), and The Fated Fire on this week’s show discussing their impressions on Halo 5’s Forge since their visit to 343 Industries.  The new features are a gift to many forgers and has received a lot of praise, but there are still some things missing they would like to see get added.

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