Podtacular 522: Return from Holidays

2016 brings in a new year of Halo 5 content and community goodness.  While we wait to hear more from 343 at their new studio, not much has happened in the news front.  Lots of Forgers have taken to Halo 5 and we’ve seen some spectacular results from tutorial videos with scripting, awesome new maps and other things that will completely blow your mind.  Not explicitly Halo, but relevant to the competitive scene, MLG was purchased by Activision/Blizzard likely securing the fate of Halo eSports on that platform.  Evacuation is this episode’s campaign focus and we’ll visit another multiplayer map on our next episode. Happy New Year everyone!

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One Response to Podtacular 522: Return from Holidays

  1. otherZinc says:

    Are we getting a Firefight Mode?
    Are we getting Campaign Scoring back?

    What do you guys think. My daughter & I play Campaign Co-op all of the time & loved those 2 features.

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