Podtacular 516: Let the Game Begin

New game means new format; well, more of a refined format.  For the next few shows, we’ll be covering news, campaign missions, multiplayer maps, game modes, user submissions and a topic of interest.  This is a more condensed version of how Podtacular used to run its shows and we hope this format keeps things moving and is more entertaining to listen to.

This week we talk about the latest Halo news, Osiris mission, March on Stormbreak, Warzone and recap the midnight launch events we attended.  We have a short interview with Tim Longo who was at the New York City event.

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3 Responses to Podtacular 516: Let the Game Begin

  1. Matthew Lunt says:

    There were some stuff you guys failed to mention or acknowledge about overall Halo story wholes and marketing. In regards to Halo not filling in story it’s been that way since the beginning. Mainly in halo 2, the opening cutscene on the Cairo makes you think it’s for happened right after CE, which it does in some sense, but Halo 2 is a month after Halo CE and Operation First Strike occurred, something Bungee could have had in. Also Halo 3 didn’t explain what Chief was doing on the Forerunner ship between Halo 2 or Halo 3, no did it explain why he jumped. With Halo 5, it takes place over a year after Halo 4 and Chief meets Blue Team 48 hours following the encounter with the Didact. Also, will the Jul ‘Mdama thing and Halsey before the first mission it’s most luckily will be explained in the last issue of Escalations.

    Now onto Halo Marketing. Halo’s marketing never told anything that is the entire game. Halo 2 entire marketing was, the Covenant found Earth and you must defend Earth, nothing about playing as the Arbiter, nothing about another Halo. With Halo 3, there are moments in trailers that doesn’t occur, even though Halo 3’s marketing is the most accurate. With Halo 4 we never see Chief captured as seen in the “Scanned” trailer. Nor do we see the Infinity being commissioned. Now we Halo 5, the marketing was trying to mislead you into hunting the truth. Why are these Guardians emerging? Why is Chief AWOL? the marketing in my opinion was also to avoid any spoilers for Halo 5 because any mention of ******* is a spoiler.

  2. phastroh says:

    Ok so every since the Halo 3 ad campaign I have realized what seems like many have not. These things are done as symbolism. The ark opening up happened but the ad campaign does not show the exact scenario of why it opened and was actually a scare tactic throwing everyone into a tizzy.

    Halo 4 Ad Campaign of him waking up being sucked into Requim is true but again the real way it happens differs in game. Additionally the scanned ad is true but like the rest it happens to him on the FUD and throughout the game.

    Halo 5 Hunt the Truth while complex I feel it was Locke hunting the Truth and when he finds it the game turns from him hunting the MC to trying to help him. He learns the truth about Blue Team and just how much Halsey cares for them and that they weren’t just her being an animal towards them. We all know the truth we just have to guide Locke on his journey hunting the truth. While they are all from Lasky to Locke following orders they all know the truth and this is what is going to help expose ONI in the end and allow the humans to reclaim the Mantle with MC as the person to lead the guarding on this Mantle for a long time to come. If this happens there will be no end to the Master Chief.

    Sorry go sidetracked but the ad campaigns are just what they are intended to be. A slanted glimpse into the game and when you can read between the lines all of them make sense.

  3. phastroh says:

    I wanted to also make a suggestion on the assassination of Hunters. Picture this…..

    Climbing up onto the Hunter’s and planting a grenade like from Forward Unto Dawn with the backflip and all. Common 343 add it in, that is like a 30 minutes job for you. Lazoids.

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