Podtacular 514: Life After Death

When our journey to #HUNTtheTRUTH began, we were introduced to war journalist Benjamin Griaud on assignment to do a profile on Master Chief Petty Officer John, Spartan 117.  As he began interviewing his sources, he quickly found out one of ONI’s best kept secrets regarding John and the Spartan II program and the anomalies happening in the outer colonies.  His actions and discoveries eventually lead him to get taken away to Midnight facility with help from the one who lead him down the rabbit hole of lies, FERO.

Unbeknownst to Ben and listeners, FERO was in fact ONI agent Maya Sankar assigned to help bring economic revival to the outer colonies discouraging violence against the UEG.  When the events started happening, she couldn’t help but fall into her role as FERO and eventually go rogue.  Over the course of season two, we see Maya make sacrifices for what she eventually believed what was the right thing to do, all the way up to this series finale.  With the event on Lika III starting to take full effect, the last thing Maya can think to do is broadcast out the events in real-time, hoping anyone in the outer colonies would hear the truth and be able to make preparations, but her decisions have a heavy cost.

It has been our pleasure to work with Toa Freak from Halo Canon on these episodes since season one.  We are also humbled by the guest appearance of Noah Eichen, Ian Torney, and Andrew Volpe, the creative minds behind Hunt the Truth.  It’s hard to see such a wonderful series such as this come to a close, but it has been one epic journey and we are very grateful for their work along with the work from the voice actors and partners who made this series a reality.  Keep shining!

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