Podtacular 511: Last Light Discussion

There’s been a slew of news we’ve missed out on the best few weeks including Halo 5 going gold, the official gameplay trailer, achievement list, and much more.  After we catch up on the backlog, we dive into our much delayed Halo: Last Light discussion.  Last Light tells the story of a Gao Inspector, Veta Lopis sent to investigate mysterious murders in a cave system known for its therapeutic effects and mysteriously miraculous cures on the outer colony planet Gao.  The murders seem to coincide with the arrival of a UNSC research, whose secret mission is to locate a Forerunner AI believed to be within the cave system.  The UNSC research team is accompanied by Spartan IIs, namely the remaining members of Blue Team and Spartan III.  Inspector Lopis is just trying to catch a serial killer, but before long the situation spirals out of control.

Caution to those who haven’t read the book yet, this episode is filled with spoilers as we talk about many details of the book, so listen up to when we discuss the book after covering news or wait to come back to this episode later.  We would like to thank Drew Freeman for joining us for the first part of the show.

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