Podtacular 510: Jackals of the Rampant Perdition

After being captured by Kig-Yar pirates, Maya, BB, Mashak and Bostwick are being dragged about getting ready to be thrown out the airlock.  Maya, having previously studied Jackal behavior convinced their captors to take them to the ship mistress claiming it would be foolish to jettison valuable prisoners into space.  After talking with the ship mistress, they-re given one hour to come up with 60K credits or they would be beheaded one by one.  The Jackals put them into a holding cell occupied by a Sangheli who survived one of the events and witness the Master Chief there.  Before the Sangheli died, he claimed these events were the first of many to come.  As the first hour ran out, the Jackals take Bostwick to be cut up.  Maya plugs BB into an energy conduit and manages to escape the cell and rescue Bostwick.  Just before they get to their ship in the hangar, the ship mistress stops them claiming they have no value, which Maya proves wrong as she says she can fix their Slipspace drive at the cost of their freedom.  Many thanks for Toa Freak shining brightly with us one again.

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