Podtacular 509: Black Cube

With the anomalies happening in the outer colonies and ONI’s brash decisions involving her mission as FERO, Maya is becoming convinced that there is almost no one she can trust anymore.  With the data chip in hand, she heads to a secret hideout where she’s stashed away Mashak Maradi, hoping he can make sense of the information.  Maya opens up to Bostwick and as she does, begins to realize she needs to start telling the truth, not hiding in the lies of ONI. As Mashak digs up information regarding the events, a religious cult, The Triad seems to have some widespread attention regarding them, specifically from their leader Dasc Gevadim.  After impossibly receiving a call from Noah, she learns her position has been compromised and ONI is out to get her. Maya, Bostwick and Mashak all escape from her hideout, only later to be caught by Jackals.  Toa Freak returns after missing last week.

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