Podtacular 507: Crater of War

After arriving on Meridian with BB and the unsettling realization of familiarity with the events taking place in the outer colonies, Maya started to appreciate the gravity of the situation.  With an awkward introduction from Arie Resneck, her contact on Meridian, to the giant crater just outside of Conrad, and finally the discovery that Ilsa Zane, the Spartan IV science experiment gone wrong was still alive, it was very apparent the severity of NCA control over the region.  After heading to one of the old converted mining facilities, Maya found a familiar face and Arie got some data on the research being conducted on the crater before BB alerts them of an incoming airstrike.  After being locked in with Ilsa Zane who exposes and executes Arie, she confronts Maya, only to be interrupted by a UNSC air strike.  Maya and her friend make it out alive, leaving her cover blown and on a course to a place where she knows who can decrypt Arie’s data chip.

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