Podtacular 491: PrE3 Halo Hype

With the lead up to E3, Game Informer delivers a dump truck load of Halo information revealing more about the campaign we’ll be playing in October and hinting at an all new multiplayer experience that we’ll get to see at the expo.  We get full details confirming the members of Blue Team and Fireteam Osiris unveiling the identify of the red Spartan as Olympia Vale.  A new multiplayer map, Fathom was revealed being underwater inside a glass dome.  There’s a lot of other campaign and multiplayer related info that will hopefully be expanded upon at E3 including the new Artemus Tracking System equipped by Osiris.

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  1. davidlea2013 says:

    Youtuber ready up live have told us that believed he had found the first halo 5 easter egg in mission two. Will 5 be riddled with secrets?

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