Podtacular 490: What Lies Beneath

Our second to last episode covering the Hunt the Truth campaign, we find Ben about ready to give up on his hunt when he’s attacked by ONI and saved by FERO. With renewed commitment after FERO told Ben she was about to risk her life to bring down ONI, he steps up and pursues the lead given to him by Petra, telling FERO to hold off on her attack.  Once on the planet Bliss, Ben heads straight for the coordinates in the middle of glassed wastelands.  Narrowly escaping a glass storm, he reaches his destination finding an abandoned ONI relay station.  What he finds is all the information he needs to corroborate Chief’s innocence on Biko and all the info on the actors, himself and John that he could ever want to finally bring ONI to justice.  Again we are joined by Toa Freak from Halo Canon.

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